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All books below are available at Amazon.com and on Kindle at the listed links below.  However, if you are ordering a paperback, consider ordering using the 'CreateSpace' link noted below beside the Amazon.com link.  You pay the same list price on Amazon.com, but the author gets to keep more of the royalties. 


Pit Fighters: Double Cross  

"Keep Friends Close.  Keep Enemies Closer."  

The fight stable of San Uvalde International reaped the benefits of victory at the FPG MMA event. But new challenges await the members of the stable.

Scottish boxer William Campbell uses his prestige as FPG Heavyweight champ to challenge undefeated heavyweight boxing champion Claudell Jenkins to a fight in MMA.

FPG Lightweight champ Chin Wu faces a cruel challenge to his title and his point of view when an outspoken MMA star not only challenges Chin for his title, but also insults his sacred Shaolin Kung-Fu style.

Chain deals with his first professional loss by finding an opportunity for redemption with his stablemate, Mexican luchador, El Aire. But Chain unwittingly falls into a wild cross-border war with ruthless enemies gunning for El Aire’s mask.

Vladymir Saltovsky is saddled with training William for the MMA fight with Jenkins. But having lost to William for the title, does Vladymir have William’s best interests in mind?

In the world of Pit Fighters, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, or risk a double cross.  
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Big Cat

"Count your friends when the darkness falls"

In the rustic countryside of the south Texas city of San Uvalde, a beast roams the night, thirsting for blood and feasting on human flesh. Animals and men alike are dying violent deaths in the dusty night.

Far away from the massacres, in a dingy college dorm, two sophomore geeks who spend their time playing Dungeons and Dragons and video games are thrust into the mystery of the monster. When a friend survives an attack by the creature, the geeks go on a quest to find out what the creature is. But things soon become difficult as their friendship is challenged by their own personal insecurities and shortcomings on their journey.

Can their friendship last as they are thrust into a hunt for a beast destined to take more lives in the San Uvalde countryside? Dark dangers and profound challenges await the two friends in their search for the Big Cat. Published by Twisted Library Press.

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The Cruel Fate of Dr. Brewster McGill  

An ancient power is recharged by greed.

It’s 1855.

Dr. Brewster McGill is a snake oil salesman, trying to make a few dollars on the south Texas countryside. With his trusty helper, Isidro, the two travel the land peddling their remedy.

But when a new competitor arrives on his route with a mysterious elixir that not only cures-all but also claims to raise the dead, Dr. McGill is overcome with envy and greed. Plotting to steal away the sinister Aztec relic that is the source of the elixir’s power, The Eye of Mictlantecuhtli, McGill and Isidro are thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse that could curse south Texas forever.

Will McGill and Isidro claim the Eye for their own gain and live to tell the tale? Or will death be The Cruel Fate of Dr. Brewster McGill?  

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Room 26 and the Army of Xulhutdul  

Envy unleashes and Ancient Curse  

For over 70 years, the McNulty Museum established itself as a homegrown San Antonio institution, garnering recognition throughout the community and the nation. Headed by Sara McNulty, the museum becomes a world-renowned location for artistic exhibits and displays of great pieces of historic significance.

But when Sara McNulty dies, it leaves a power vacuum. Expecting to take charge, Jackalyn White is shocked to find her expectation challenged by Lorraine Blacksmith, the daughter of McNulty’s closest friend. When Jackalyn discovers a hidden relic put away by McNulty, she finds a key to prove her worth to the museum, using the relic to search for a lost city in Guatemala.

The relic, however, is the key to a power unimaginable to Jackalyn, one that could destroy the world within hours.

While Jackalyn searches, Lorraine must learn to run the museum, find strength within herself, and even mend fences with her own father. All the while, managing the museums biggest secret: Room 26. There, Lorraine finds treasure of immense power locked away by McNulty, a ghostly friend, and a legacy that will force Lorraine to look deep inside herself for the strength to not only lead the museum into the future, but to become an unlikely protector of the city of San Antonio.  

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Tejano Star and the Vengeance of Chaplain Skull  

A Wicked Vengeance Sweeps South Texas  

Tejano Star is the front man for one of south Texas’ premiere Tejano bands, Tejano Star y Los Caballeros. Traveling across south Texas, Tejano Star sings some of the best Tejano music around, while fighting crime across the state with an extra-terrestrial vocal power granted him from the stars.

But when a plague of the living dead sweeps south Texas with lethal potential, Tejano Star must turn to his arch nemesis, the evil genius Chaplain Skull, to find a way to head off the plague before it consumes south Texas, the border of Mexico, and beyond.

Can Tejano Star find a way to save the citizens of south Texas with Chaplain Skull’s advice? Or will Tejano Star fall victim to the vengeance of Chaplain Skull.

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Alamo Rising  

A curse is unleashed on the Alamo City  

At the climax of the battle of the Alamo, two defenders place a curse on the scene. Renegades of a secret society, their curse lay buried by the Alamo for centuries, waiting for their vengeance to be unleashed.

In 2010, Toribio Jimenez and Kim Hawkins are college friends who form an amateur ghost hunting group in San Antonio, Texas. Set up to have fun, they travel around the city to the various haunted locations in the 2nd most haunted city in the US.

But the two friends quickly get in over their heads when they become involved in a power struggle between two local aristocrats locked in a dispute over property around the Riverwalk. When one of them sets in motion to unleash the curse set down a century before, Tory and Kim will not only have to fight for their lives, but find a way to stop the curse before it destroys downtown San Antonio.

Will Tory and Kim find the answer to stopping the curse before it’s too late? Or will downtown San Antonio fall when the Alamo rises again.  

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Sword of the Angel  


Espada del Angel was the greatest luchador who ever graced the squared circle in Mexico, the birthplace of lucha libre.  His matches filled arenas, and his trophy cases are filled with the masks of defeated foes.   When he retires, he grooms his son to carry his mantle into the future, securing his legacy as one of the greatest in lucha libre history.  His son goes on to perpetuate his father’s tradition of lucha excellence as Espada del Angel, Jr.   But as times change, the perception and respect for lucha libre by aficionados fades.  Mixed martial arts takes its place as the premiere combat sports style of the new millennium.  Espada del Angel, Jr., then faces a philosophical and personal dilemma:  should he continue to excel at his sport, or should he retire to prevent further tarnishing his father’s legacy under extreme criticism and ridicule? As he reaches a crossroad in his spiritual quandary, the greatest terror the world has ever seen sweeps the streets:  The zombie apocalypse!   Will Espada, Jr. be overrun along with his fans by the zombies assaulting the city that is the home of his latest matchup?  Or will the sinister plague be leveled and the people of the city defended by the Sword of the Angel?

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Codename: La Lechusa

She's one mean mother.

Paula Luna is a typical single parent trying to earn an honest living in San Uvalde. Alluring and edgy, she works her way through her workday amid a sea of incompetent coworkers and lascivious men.

But Paula has an alter ego. As an asset of a secret U.S. agency, Paula dons her uniform, knives, and a state of the art goggles that assists with her missions (and social networking) and becomes La Lechusa, a master assassin named after a creature of Mexican folklore.

When one of her jobs leads to a power play for security contracts among competing corporations at Rexault Pharmaceuticals, La Lechusa is forced to take sides by her shadowy handlers. All the while, Paula has to deal with a mysterious power in two sacred necklaces bestowed by an eccentric neighbor for Paula and her daughter. The necklaces promise protection from impending doom by an “angel negra”, black angel.

Can Paula Luna maintain a normal life raising a daughter, looking for love, and partying with friends? Will the mystical force help or hinder her clandestine endeavors? Or will the blood on the blades of La Lechusa spell the end for Paula and her family?

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Down the Road: The Fall of Austin

When The Dead Rise, The Living Must Unite.


Offcer Mike Runyard of the Austin Police Department and his partner, Derek Tucker, are stuck in the middle of a city overrun with the living dead. With resources and luck running out, Runyard is flung into a fight for survival among the living, the dead, and a wave of criminals released form jail in the streets of central and south Austin.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military fights to reclaim Texas, with failure meaning the complete loss of the capitol, Austin. A military hummer traveling down IH-35 headed into the zombie-ridden city holds the key to a plan meant to turn the tide in the fight. It’s a simple plan, but it’s a plan that’s about to fail with devastating consequences…

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Down the Road: On the Last Day

The walking dead. A global crisis. The remnants of America. Around the globe, the dead are rising to devour the living. Hospitals are overrun, and martial law has been declared. The streets are in chaos. Society is disintegrating. In a small south Texas town, the mayor has rallied his citizens against the living dead and secured their borders. Isolated in the countryside, the community holds their own. But when two strangers from San Antonio stumble into town, they bring news of a global peacekeeping force sweeping toward the city. Led by a ruthless commander, the force is determined to secure the republic of Texas on its own terms, and establish a new, harsh government for the plague-ravaged nation. Will the independently fortified Texas town hold out against the flesh-eating zombies and the tyrannical foreign army traveling down the road?

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Pit Fighters:  Baptism by Fire (2nd Edition)

'You never fight alone.'

Five fighters. Five styles. One goal.

It’s the 1990’s, the advent of mainstream money fights.

They are masters of their respective arts: Kung-Fu, Western Boxing, Sambo, Lucha Libre, street fighting.

Their paths cross in the south Texas town of San Uvalde, assembling as a stable of fighters under the banner of a risk-taking entrepreneur. Combining their diverse backgrounds and unique skills, the men form a team united in one goal: glory in the new sport of mixed martial arts.

But will their unity and skills be enough to overcome their individual shortcomings, demons, and doubts when they are locked in a cage and tested by some of the deadliest fighters in the world? There will be only one supreme champion, and it will take more than skill, guts, and determination to succeed among a special and ancient breed of warriors: Pit Fighters.

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Down the Road (3rd Edition)

(Out of Print)

Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire (1st Edition)

(Out of Print)


Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story (2nd Edition)

(Out of Print)

Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story (1st Edition)

(Out of Print)



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